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About Lingua Academy

Lingua Academy

When you know at least one foreign language, you can access many other development opportunities. That is why the Lingu Academy team

 is ready to accompany you on your way to success!

We show a high degree of commitment to language teaching, but that
doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck in another set of rigid courses with no
conversation. At Lingua Academy we are like friends and we help you with concrete advice, a flexible schedule and a learning plan,

created especially for you!

Modern Courses

When we teach a foreign language, our main objective is to help our
students acquire fluent speaking skills. Yes, in speaking and writing,
in perfect balance!

Relaxed atmosphere, conducive to learning

The atmosphere in Lingua Academy
courses is relaxed and pleasant. Just like among friends! In this way,
you will be more relaxed and feel better prepared to acquire new
knowledge and skills.

We know that every beginning is difficult, so we tackle innovative
methods of teaching vocabulary. Using audio-video resources and open
conversations with trainers, we simplify the process of learning a
language and help you progress faster.

Languages help to improve your standard of living, helping you to
progress socially and economically. That’s why we’re ready to help you
speak any language you need – English, French, German, Italian, Spanish,

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